What is 'Performance Animation?'

Imagine the Pillsbury Doughboy as emcee of a General Mills sales meeting. Not as a pre-recorded cartoon, but as a computer generated “Digital Puppet” that interacts live with the audience and presenters on stage. It’s called performance animation, and it’s one of many fun, hi-tech tools we produce to help you overcome the toughest event challenges.

The most important point to make about Performance Animation is that it is performed live, behind the scenes at your event - like a digital puppet show. Since its introduction in the late eighties, live animation using mocap technology has evolved from a high-tech curiosity into an established theatrical tool.  The main component of live animation is a 3D computer generated character, rendered in real time, on location at your event.  However, there are many elements that make up a successful show.  The following briefly describes the components of an Electric Studio performance. 

Critical to every show is the successful delivery of the message.  Once we understand your message, we work to seamlessly integrate the character into your event.  From conceptual sketches to scripting all the way through to the final performance, we work to ensure the character is consistent with your corporate culture.

 By incorporating inside knowledge and humor, we create a personality for your character that is quickly accepted by the audience.

An actor behind the scenes controls the character’s movements (think “Wizard of Oz”) while conversing with presenters onstage.  The actor can see and hear the audience and presenter through hidden cameras, enhancing the illusion that the character is seeing everyone from the screen.

Though we thoroughly script each performance, the actor is able to react in real time.  This allows for spontaneous reactions to events in the room, making the character appear alive.

Using high-speed workstations and motion capture input devices, we create characters designed to match your needs and branding guidelines.  Recent advances in technology allow today’s characters to reach a level of “realism” unheard of just a few years ago.

Each of our characters is designed with your audience in mind.  From venues as small as a 10 x 20 foot trade show booth to company meetings for 2000 attendees or more, the character engages your audience at an emotional level.

Of course, Electric Studio characters aren’t confined to the ballroom, we've performed characters that were featured coast to coast on a satellite media tour, on over 30 local and national talk shows, reaching over 6 million viewers. 

Benefits of a “Live” approach:

  • Interactivity – A live character can speak directly to your presenters, engaging them in a natural conversation about the specific needs of the audience.  By becoming an advocate for the audience, the character is adept at diffusing difficult issues, or celebrating their successes.

  • Excitement – Live characters bring a great deal of excitement to your meeting by catching the audience off guard, creating a more memorable and effective event for attendees.

  • Quick turnaround– Live animation alleviates much of the pressure that pre-recorded videos place on your event.  Last minute changes are commonplace, but are difficult to accommodate using taped presentations. Changes for live characters can be handled on the fly by our on-site production team.  When something big happens in the course of a four-day meeting, a live character remains current, not rendered useless.

From established corporate mascots to entirely new creations, virtually anything can be brought to life. Check out our portfolio section to see some examples of our unique approach to bringing characters to life.

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