If You've Ever Heard...
  • We want something different - better than last year
  • We’ve got a ton of material to cover
  • Most of our speakers won’t start on their presentations until the last minute
  • The audience has to know this stuff
  • We don’t want this to be a ‘data dump,’ but the last time we tried something ‘fun’ many attendees thought we were wasting their time
  • This audience is somewhat skeptical
  • We need them to follow through when they get home
  • They’d rather be golfing
  • We don't have a lot of time
  • Our budget’s been cut

We Can Help
We work within your existing approach to event production - we don't make the event, we make it better. By concentrating on your audience, we help you
determine the best way to get your message to stick, and provide the tools to make it happen. For example:

  • Do some of your presenters hold an audience's attention while others put them to sleep?
    Let's face it, not everyone was cut out for public speaking. But you don't have to "just get it over with" anymore. Our tools are designed to help presenters at every level captivate an audience throughout the event.

  • Does your audience have different levels of experience?
    Most audiences vary a great deal in demographics, length of employment, familiarity with products, learning styles and so on. We can help put your audience on the same page and get everyone's questions answered - without insulting anyone's intelligence.

  • Do you need 'buy-in' from your audience?
    We'll take your audience from where they are, to where you want them to be, and keep things fun and exciting along the way.

  • Do you have an existing structure/agenda for your event that simply can't be changed?
    Maybe you'd like to make a change this year. Maybe your audience would like a change this year. Maybe everyone even agrees things should change, but try as you might, it's simply not going to happen. That's ok, we're very flexible about inflexible agendas. We can plug-in seamlessly to most any size event with minimal disruption of your show flow. Think of us as your secret weapon against dull presentations.

With a combination of artists, writers, technicians and performers, we blend creativity and technology into extremely effective presentations. From venues as small as a nine seat trade show booth to company meetings for several thousand attendees, Electric Studio engages your audience at an emotional level.

Check out our
portfolio section to see how.

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